SEO: How much does SEO cost and why?

How Much Do You Need to Pay For SEO?

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Guess what? You are an online entrepreneur. I can say this mainly due to three simple reasons.

  1.    You did a Google search for “How much does SEO cost?”
  2.    You scrolled through the results, and
  3.    Finally landed on this web page.

This means you have already boarded the ship of online entrepreneurs or on course to explore new and yet-to-be-explored horizons of the digital world. Additionally, you are in search of SEO experts who can steer your ship to success shores by generating organic leads. Isn’t, it?

Well, that the truth. So, let’s begin.

We’ll start with the basics. What is SEO?

SEO is simply an online marketing technique that drives organic traffic of all sorts, valuable and not so valuable, to your website. This can be either via images on social networking websites, video content you posted on a video streaming website, a well-researched presentation on a sharing website or through company profiles submitted to different online business-listing directories. No paid campaigns, no ads, it’s just due to the efforts put in by an SEO company in the backdrop.

Since it’s a marketing technique, it should be considered as an investment and something worth spending on. Here, you’d say how much exactly? Hold on guys, hold on.

Broadly saying, there is no definite cost to SEO. Yes, you read that right. You are being tricked whenever you are told by an SEO company that you need to pay, say, ‘x’ amount to rank up the order. There can’t be any ‘x’ value instead an estimated price or a monthly bill cycle for achieving set targets.

A website audit can help experts gauge the effort and subsequently the SEO cost. It all depends on your current online presence, the competition, the targeted keywords, the region in focus (local or global) and more. If interested checkout our SEO services.

What are the cost-determining factors for SEO?

Broadly, there are four factors that impact the price of SEO, at least for an SEO company that estimates the amount of work to be done in respect to getting the desired results. Nonetheless, a strict and a thorough research about the things that actually matter will help you decide your plan of action and subsequently the SEO cost associated with the same. The following are the factors responsible for estimating price for SEO services you’d be paying for.

  • Present scenario
  • Targets
  • Timelines
  • Competitor analysis

These variables play a vital role in estimating search engine optimisation costs. These factors lets an SEO company understands the required efforts, resources involved including manpower, tools and time to accomplish tasks.

Not to forget, competitor analysis is important too. Although, a company can’t be sure of what the competitor is up to or doing at a given point of time, it is just an attempt to understand its tactics and make a plan of action that helps in hitting the bull’s eye. Thus, calculating SEO price becomes manageable to some extent.

How much do you really need to spend on SEO?

Irrespective of the type of company, region they are situated in and services and prices they quote to their clients, SEO prices fall under two categories – hourly and fixed price models.

Understanding the hourly price model

When does an hourly model work? It is when the SEO tasks are divided into subtasks and only a specific set of those are needed to be accomplished. Opting for an hourly price model totally makes sense in cases like such.

Say, for example, you want to claim more business listings or invest in social bookmarking. The hourly model can work here but not in case where you plan to run a full SEO campaign.

However, be sure to access the output once the agreement of a certain number of hours has been mutually agreed between you and your SEO consultant, to see if it’s worth the price.

What about the fixed price model?

This can be looked up as a conventional method followed by SEO companies and professionals around the globe. After assessing your website and listing down the tasks to be carried out in order to achieve certain objectives, companies offering affordable SEO services quote you a price, which can be further bisected into two models – project-basis and monthly billing.

In project-basis pricing model, an agency charges you on the basis of the project’s objectives, resources and time involved. The proposal includes an outline of the deliverables and their respective time frames. Which actually makes you understand what the company is up to, what SEO services are being offered, what exactly you’ll get and how do they plan to assist you getting to those initially drafted objectives.

The monthly billing model is, on the other hand, a fixed billing cycle that involves specific tasks for a month-on-month period at a fixed price. The deliverables are finalized prior to every month. It is usually a six-month commitment with an SEO service provider so be ready for a long-term association.

The big plus of this model is that you often get better results because SEO targets aren’t achieved overnight rather take time. You nurture your way to a prosperous client-agency relationship, interaction and build the all-important trust.

However, on the flip side of it, you get stuck in an agreement, even if you are not satisfied with the way things move along.

For somebody who is new to the SEO domain, probably like you, here is the general scenario of the market that would potentially help you take a wise call when choosing a vendor for SEO services.

Search Engine Optimisation Costs in General

The price quotes of companies range from $100 to $300 per hour or even more. This depends on the company’s expertise, prior experience and the clientele. While the monthly bill cycle range from $500 to $25,000, again depending on the business requirements.

There are small online SEO companies offering services at prices which are way lower than the standards, at around $100 a month. Don’t know if they really add value and make a difference to your business.

So, it’s important to research well before you put hands on one. Select a company that offers affordable search engine optimisation but at a viable price. There is a project management triangle that relates to SEO brilliantly.

It has three variables – Good, Cheap and Fast, where you, as a client, are entitled to choose two at a time.

–    If you go with good and cheap, then it won’t be quick

–    If you select going with good and fast, then it won’t be cheap

–    And finally, if you opt for cheap and fast, then it won’t be good

So, choose wisely! And finally, the question you’d be waiting for.

How much do you need to pay for SEO services?

The answer lies in your business’s current situation and its competition. Local businesses are likely to pay a lesser amount than a company with nation-wide presence and vast targeting. This makes sense?

Surely, it does because the competition ahead of a national business is like an ocean – huge (with occasional tides challenging its mettle) whereas for a local vendor whose operations are confined to certain kilometres, has a limited number of competitors to beat. Therefore, SEO costs for both will vary extensively.

A well-planned SEO roadmap will eventually help you succeed. What matters more than just the price is that you get the best possible return on investment. And as mentioned, SEO cost should be treated as an investment for your business.

Summing up, I’d like to know your thoughts about SEO pricing, how much have you invested, are you getting appreciable ROI or stressed about the ongoing procedures? Also, stay connected to gain more useful insights about the domain and market happenings.

Here is an infographic by AYTM Market Research and Moz (formerly known as SEOmoz) to give you some more perspective. Click to enlarge the infographic.

infographic of seo costs by Aytm and Moz

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